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Leathery Lies: Top 5 Myths about Leather Repair

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

You have tried your best keep your leather furniture safe, but accidents have damaged it. Well, it is normal for leather furniture to get destroyed as occasional scuffs, small tears and spills are bound to happen. However, there is no need to worry as leather can be repaired and restored to its original beauty easily.

There are many myths about leather repair, so when you are looking to fix your leather furniture, it is important to keep the myths at bay.

Myth 1:

Leather cuts cannot be repaired: The biggest myth that leather cuts cannot be repaired is absolutely FALSE. Although this is the hardest to repair, it certainly can be fixed. There are numerous leather repair kits available at most leather stores which come equipped with adhesives made especially for leather. If the cuts are big, then you might need to put some padding under the patch to completely mend it, but regardless of the size of the cut, it can be fixed!

Myth 2:

Super Glue can fix the minor tears in leather: Another myth which will ruin your leather furniture rather than repair it. NEVER ever use super glue to fix tears on your leather upholstery. Super glue is not flexible and therefore is not a good solution to fix torn leather. It hardens and causes more damage to it rather than repair it.

Myth 3:

Markers can be used for discoloration: Many old wives tales state that you can use markers to repair discolored leather. However, that is NOT true. Markers cannot match the exact appearance of the leather as it is not made for this purpose, so never use a marker to quickly remove the discoloration. You will only end up creating an irregular look.

Myth 4:

Hair Spray can remove small stains: Many people will tell you that hair spray can remove small stains from leather, but this is a big myth. Hair spray actually can cause major discoloration to your leather. This is because hair spray has high levels of alcohol in them which damages leather and its sticky deposit will collect more dust and the area which it is applied to will become worse for the wear!

Myth 5:

Olive Oil can make your scuffed leather look new: This is not TRUE. Olive oil and all other oils actually speed up the deterioration process for leather. As leather is porous it will absorb the oil and over time the absorbed oil will lead to discoloration.